Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The possibilities are endless

*It's possible that I haven't updated in long enough that I don't even know where to start.

*It's possible that yesterday was my all-time-favorite boy's birthday... and we might have celebrated it in the happiest place on earth. Possibly involved an apartment set up like the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride, a Mickey cake, a Disneyland gumbo meal, and a pirate treasure hunt for presents. Also possible that I promised my parents video, so you now have to suffer through it.

What's impossible is to express how much I love the birthday boy.

*It's possible that our pirate adventure of yesterday has us oh-so-excited for our upcoming vacation. Very possible that we need some fun couple time... away from doctors, work responsibilities, church responsibilities, and just day-to-day life. Possible that we're going to enjoy each and every second of just the two of us, doing whatever we choose to do. Very possible that we'll drop off the face of the earth, and our cell phones mysteriously won't work while we're gone. I'm just sayin...possible. :)

*It's possible two of my favorite people were in town for not-long-enough a couple of weeks ago.

It's possible that they were here during the cherry blossom festival, but that I was wearing mittens.

It's possible that it didn't matter a lick, because while we went to the arboretum, zoo, Carlyle House, tidal basin, Fort Ward, temple and American History Museum, our favorite times were quite possibly sitting around in the apartment chatting and chatting.

It's possible the two people in this picture are still very much in love 3 years in.

It's possible the National Arboretum is one of my favorite D.C. spots.

Also possible that my parents brought a pound of gluten-free See's chocolates fresh from Utah...we're not going to say what happened to the chocolate, but it's possible that neither they nor Brian had ANY, and by the end of their trip the box had 2 pieces left. Possible we have mice problems. :) It's possible I cried like a 2 year old when they left, and still haven't quite recovered. :)

*It's possible that Brian talked more sports than he has in a long time last month when one of his favorite people came in town on business. Possible that he had a great time, and enjoyed the crab cakes (that he never gets because I won't go anywhere near them) immenseley.

*It's possible that we might be moving in a couple weeks (and unfortunately I don't mean back to Utah). We've been looking. We're hoping not to, but we'll see.

*It's possible that we watched an apartment in our complex (not our building luckily) burn the other morning. Possible that it scared me to death, and has me catalouging exactly what I would grab first if we caught fire and I had any time. Possible that you'd see a crazed lady running from the burning building wearing nothing but a robe and her wedding ring, with an Italian oil painting under one arm, and a chest full of souvenirs under the other--everything else...replaceable.

*It's possible that I've made peace with my round brush. Too early to be definitive, but possible.

Like I said, the possibilites are endless...but so is the list of things I (and I'm sure you) have to do! So for now... possibly, probably, am done!


Alisa J said...

Looks like you have had fun! Its hard to see the parents leave! I went through that a couple of weeks too and cried like a baby! Good luck with finding a place if you move, even though you don't want to! P.S. Thanks for K's carebear dvd! She loves it!

Morgan said...

cute. moving where?!

emily said...

It's possible that I LOVED THIS POST!! Please, though say that is possible that you ARE moving back to Utah... please?

Kristy said...

So you can't leave us hanging like that...where would the possible move be to? LOVE the post by the way.

Amber said...

Ha ha ha...sorry everyone! Soooo didn't mean for the move thing to be a cliffhanger! We're really hoping it doesn't happen. We've got a huge rent hike going on with our complex, so instead of paying it, we're thinking about moving about an hour away closer to Baltimore and Brian's job. But we're trying to talk our management into being reasonable first, so keep your fingers crossed for us... we'd love to not go through the hassle of moving...

Unless of course we're supposed to...then I'm sure it will turn out just fine. :) Sigh. Still...keep your fingers crossed. :)

VonTana said...

Did you know there is a PWC office in Denver?... You could buy a house and pay the mortgage for half of what you are renting there... See the possibilities are endless, but only in Colorado! And bring the Wood family when you come.