Friday, January 14, 2011

Which is Sweeter?


Or the fact that I came home to find them waiting for me after mutual on Wednesday night.

Me: "How cute!! You went and got me gluten free cupcakes?!!! Where did you find them?"
Him: "I made them!"

I vote for option #2. :)

I could rave about the insane pile of presents he gave me, but 2 things pretty much say it all:

First, see the gorgeous pewter and turquoise damask paper behind the cupcakes. My gifts were wrapped in that. (Those of you who know me well, know how I am about cute paper and anything paisley or damask. Seriously. I took 15 minutes to open each gift, just so there was no ripping :))

Second... well... just look at this surprise.

Enough said. I may be an old lady, but I'm a spoiled, happy old lady with a hubbie who knows me WAY too well.

OH...and somewhat random, but along the same lines... thanks for the new gorgeous and oh-so-versatile foot ornaments mom and dad! Aren't they beautiful? (I know some of you out there will appreciate them. I'm not even that big of a shoe person, and I'M in love:))


Val said...

Your birthday was yesterday!!! Bah, I am so sorry I didn't at least send you a Happy Birthday email. Your birthday's in my planner and I've lost it. Oh I am so glad Brian helped you have a wonderful day. You deserve it!

Val said...

The license plate is AWESOME!

Kristy said...

What a good hubby!!!

Alisa J said...

We are married to a good set of brothers aren't we? That's awesome that he did that! Glad you had a good birthday!