Thursday, June 3, 2010

What a Weekend

Have you ever had a completely delicious weekend? A perfectly timed, much needed, absolutely rejuvenating three days? Aren't they THE BEST?!! Brian and I were lucky enough to experience one this memorial holiday, and it was exactly what the doctor ordered. May was complete madness, but as we laid on a blanket on our apartment grass with two good books it all just...melted away :).

Bri: "This is delicious" (yes...he used the word delicious...)
Amber: (in complete awe) "When was the last time we even had time to sit down together, let alone lie in the gorgeous weather for a good hour with a good book?"

Why the break? First, our auxiliary presidencies were both out of town. He he he. No chauffeuring (all of which we LOVE, simply LOVE mind you, but it was still a nice break). Then there was the fact that Brian got a short day on Friday and no work on Monday. Beautiful. (I'm starting a petition for all you wives out there...mandatory 3 day weekends every week for working husbands. Who will sign?) Anyway. Onward.

We started the weekend with our first married BBQ. We finally got Brian's birthday grill! Two delicious eat-outs were in order over the weekend: Shish-ka-bobs (steak, yellow pepper, zucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions...oh my.) and then hot dogs on Sunday. The squash was picked up at a fun Capitol Hill Market we spent the morning at Saturday. So fun.

Throw in some Redbox movies, a drive in the pouring rain, and some Slurpees...and you pretty much have our weekend. Until Monday. When we visited Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's house, and then spent some time bumming around University of Virginia. Old historic houses and buildings. Loved it. Also loved the fact that on the drive home we happened upon James Madison's Montpelier. Drove right up to it and took a picture. Double whammy.

All in all, a great weekend. Now...back to reality... :) Which isn't so bad. :)


emily said...

LOVE those weekends!!! Haven't seemed to have had one for quite some time. Hmmm, I need to do something about that!! Where is that petition??

Wade said...

Brian, your grill is cute; downright adorable.

Danna and Larry Johnson said...

Great grill Bri, now whenever you decide to come down and visit us you and Dad can have a Grill-Off! Yummm, sounds like a great idea.

Alisha said...

hey guys! we've been out of the blog loop for a while, but I enjoyed getting caught up on everything you're doing--love the pictures!