Sunday, April 18, 2010

Growin Like Weeds

Look how big they've gotten!!

Londyn is 100% girl: so cute, so fun, so smart and with the perfect little melodramatic moody streak. She dances to Miley Cyrus with her little head, has eyelashes that would make anyone completely insanely jealous, and has become quite the cute little mommy's girl.

Tre is 100% boy: so expressive, so cute, so hilarious. He refuses to sit down (you should see him go stiff as a board when you try), has a smile for absolutely everyone who greets him, talks and squeals through grocery stores, and is probably one of the best snugglers EVER.

Man I love my little nieces and nephew.

As for me and Bri...I'm up to my ears in brides (luckily no bridezillas) and Bri's business trip to Denver went really well. Life is good!!


Our Family said...

Those are some cute Kiddos! Londyns eyes are amazing, I think that everytime I see a picture of her! Tre is a cutie too, I haven't seen him yet, he has grown alot. I am glad that your business is going well for you!!!! We are going to go to Bear Lake with everyone this year, so if you are going we will be seeing you there!

emily said...

They are gorgeous!!!

Val said...

THEY ARE SO CUTE!!! I totally agree about Londyn's lashes and I love Tre's fauxhawk. Man, they're adorable!

Doug and Amy said...

They are too cute! How fun to be an auntie! I'm super jealous! :) Hope you guys are doing well!

Morgan said...

you're right, i want her eyelashes!

Kristy said...

Sooo cute! They look like their mommies!!! I'm so glad your business is going well-that's a perfect thing for Amber!!!