Monday, October 19, 2009

Ooga Boogas

Have you ever seen the movie King Kong? Well, the Big Apple must have felt a little bit of deja vus this week... Ooga Boogas took over the city! And the Capital too!

Yes, my friend Emily and I are Ooga Boogas (quite possibly the only 2 under the sun, although she has children now so I suppose there ARE little 1/2 spawns running around), and yes, we even had a stage of our life where there was a secret handshake/chant (and NO I won't tell you how old we were when all this was going on, because high schoolers really should be more mature than that :)). ANYWAY...point is, Ooga was in town this week, and you can imagine the fun two crazies like us had! With a whirlwind trip to New York, lots of girl time, and site seeing around the capital, it couldn't have gone faster!

Funny moments...let's see...
*Amber getting terrified about a pigeon standing RIGHT on the edge of the empire state building...then realizing they fly. (In all fairness, it is REALLY high up there!)

*Having lots and lots of people do double takes as we sat on a bench overlooking a gorgeous fountain in NYC and took a cheese ball break. Seriously, is it THAT weird for 2 grown women to be eating cheese balls? I guess it WAS a rainy, gloomy day and they ARE pretty neon...but still.

*Amber's hair getting caught on the button of a man's coat as he tried to exit the metro, and him frantically trying to untangle himself. "I hope I can get off the train...I hope I can get off the train..."

*Emily's Mary Poppins umbrella. Practically NOT perfect in every way!

*A waiter who insisted on making us take a giant bite of our pizza while he took a picture...over...and over...and over....until the whole restaurant was watching. At least they had gluten-free cupcakes!

*Realizing after viewing the pictures below that someone needs to pull out their GhostBusters gun and go to town on me and that coat! What was I thinking??? :)

*Introducing Emily to Gilly, Penelope, and the Lawrence Welk Show (if you don't know what I'm talking have a date with Hulu and some Saturday Night Live skits RIGHT this second).

I could go on and on...but I won't. I'll just post some of the best pictures of the gazillions taken this week, and say I miss you already Booga! Thanks for coming!


Russ and Alicia said...

Looks like you girls (or should I say ooga boogas) had lots of fun. I'm so jealous!

Kristy said...

Glad you had a blast!!!! I like the squirrel picture (wink wink)

emily said...

Booo, hoooo, I am sooo sad to be gone! I miss you! The time of my life, seriously!!! Thank you so very much for the incredible time! As hard as I tried, however, I did have a memory flash of a big-foreheaded-small-handed girl popping bubbles on the plane, and seriously had to restrain myself from breaking down in hysteria!! Miss you tons...kinda wish I was still there...

Zach and Car said...

Awwww- New York is the best! So is Amber and Brian.... and squirrels... and fall leaves.... Londyn, Zach, and I all miss you guys :( Hurry the h* up Christmas!! Love you!

*h of course stands for heck, I find it incredibly fun to speak in acronyms, but can't use many other letters for fear that people may wrongfully assume I'm a potty mouth. Heck, maybe I should stop altogether while I'm ahead. Shoot.