Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I See Londyn...

Dear Londyn,

Thank you so much for deciding to show your cute little self the day before I left Utah. I loved getting to see you, and snuggle with you, and talk all kinds of cutesy baby talk at you! And me and Brian are so so excited to have a new niece. Especially one that's so darn gorgeous, and has the sweetest little cry ever. I know I said I was going to try to fit you in my suitcase, but...well...the pizza kit took up a lot of room, and I think Mommy would've strangled me. So I guess I have to settle for seeing you in a few months at Thanksgiving. Be nice to Mommy and Daddy until then, and remember your Auntie Amber and Uncle Bri love you way too much!

Londyn Alysse Brown (not sure I spelled Alysse right...aren't I horrible? It's said a-lease...)

*7 lbs

*20" long

*Perfectly healthy in every way

*Lots of dark brown hair

*Decided to show her spunk by being delivered in a position the doctor had never seen in his 28 years--lips first, upside down. They almost performed a C-section, but decided to let Carly give it a try. Success! (Causing all the nurses on the floor to applaud her as she was wheeled by on the way to her room. You go Car!!). Poor little Londyn was pretty beat up that first day. I've never seen a baby so black and blue... and with a blistered oh-so-puffy eye... and her lips were hilariously HUGE. I'm not posting pictures of it, because it seriously looked so painful it made me sad. But by the next day...whala...the pictures above (actually, the last 2 pictures are from later on the first can still kinda see the lips and bruising, although they'd gone down a ton). Amazing how fast babies heal.

*Cutest little muffled cry you've ever heard

*Perfect little miniature of her mommy when she was a baby

*Oh-so-loved by everyone who sees her! :)


Our Family said...

Yeah!! Congrats to Carly! She is a cutie, thats crazy how she came out, the bruises on her cheeks and mouth look so sore. Poor thing, but I am glad all is well and that you were able to see her.

emily said...

She is gorgeous...I love newborns, makes me oh so baby hungry!!! Congrats Auntie Amber!

Val said...

She is so cute! And fifty cheers for Carly in defying the odds and avoiding a c-section!!! Seriously you are amazing.

Russ and Alicia said...

Yay! I'm so glad you got to see her before you left! She's darling. It makes me baby hungry too, good think I only have to wait until February.

Kristy said...

I'm glad you didn't miss her arrival!!!! Have fun being an aunt, it's so much fun!

Doug and Amy said...

I'm so glad she came while you were there! How fun to be an auntie! I'm jealous!

Hope to see you when you come back...we really do need to get together one of these times!

Zach and Car said...

She is sitting behind me hiccuping as we speak - I think she said something last night about refusing to go to sleep because her Aunt Amber and Uncle Brian were not in town... so thanks for the 45 minutes of sleep you guys! :P It's a good thing she is so cute or else being up 1am-5am with her screaming would be a bit more of a challenge. And let's face it, it already is. Glad she got here for you :) Don't worry Brian, I will make her a picture book of nothing but you- I'll have her help Zach carve a Brian pumpkin- Brian will be her first words. And since she is so incredibly smart, you can expect to hear them at Thanksgiving ;) Love youguys!