Monday, April 13, 2009

Did the Easter Bunny Come?!?

Click here for a great video about the true meaning of Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! We hope all our friends and family had an amazing holiday.

It was a good one here. We had a great church program, a birthday to celebrate (Happy Birthday Bri!), and a yummy ham dinner. All hallmarks of a great Easter.

The night before Easter we dyed our eggs, and discovered that despite all the work that went into creating two-toned, half-and-half eggs, we both actually prefer the bright solid ones. (Ah...marriage... when you get all excited about learning something that little about someone. :))

We also learned, the hard way, that the little egg dipstick IS actually important. I went to church the next day looking like I had a fungus of some kind. :) At least it matched my Easter dress! :) (Yes, the fun tradition of Easter dresses continues. Thanks Mom and Dad!!)

Easter morning we discovered that the Easter Bunny had come. My basket was quite possibly the best ever--not just yummy gluten-free candy, but also the Twilight DVD and a book light! Yes, a book light!!! I can now read in bed after Bri's asleep. The Easter Bunny knows me well! :)

As we sat around eating the big dinner we made together, we realized that this was the first holiday that we've spent on our own (well...except for New Years). It's always fun to be around family, and we missed them. Especially as this was my first year ever not being at home for Easter. But it was kinda fun to be starting our own traditions too. Made our little "family" seem like...well...a little family! :)

Now, how about some full-blown spring weather?!!