Saturday, February 27, 2010


So, I hate that this video shows only me...but the best part of it is the background noise. Hear that screaming? :) That would be Brian. :) I can't WAIT to see him on the rides at Disney. The little 5 year old girls will have quite the competition. :) He's pretty darn cute.

Last night we got to go snow tubing with Brian's company at Liberty Ski Resort in Pennsylvania. It was really fun. I'd recommend it, even though by the end I was a popsicle. Literally. Red, frozen and drippy (nose). Maybe go on a day when the wind isn't crazy enough to have 3 semi-trucks tipped over on the side of the highway. :) But still...we had a blast. Anyway, here's the pictures!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We're going to Disneyland!

Amber and Brian, you survived the worst snowstorm the D.C. area has ever experienced (except for maybe during George Washington's lifetime, but that was before official records)... What are you going to do next?!!!!


Yep. One week from today. Let the countdown begin!

I honestly can't wait. My family and I used to go every few years when I was growing up, and since the day I met Brian and found out he'd never been Disney-ed I've been so excited to introduce him one day. Baby, prepare to be amazed and enchanted! :)

Monday, February 22, 2010


So, did you know that Brian and his roommates used to call themselves the "Freakin' Soldiers", and wherever they dwelt was affectionately dubbed the "Soldier Dome"? (Lest after following this blog you mistakenly think that Brian is the only one who got the dorky end of this marriage stick... :)) Yep. Soldiers. Gave that Destiny Child's song "Soldier" a whole new, magical meaning for me when it came out. Sigh. The memories. :)

ANYWAY. As usual, I digress. To the point of this post. Brian and I went with some of our best chums, the Jacksons, to see some REAL soldiers a couple of days ago (sorry Bri, but with the exception of maybe Wade, you guys aren't quite real soldiers). Terra Cotta Warriors to be exact. So cool. Here's the story:

The first emperor of China (we're talking around 200 B.C.) was a little nutty and paranoid. He built hundreds and hundreds of castles throughout his kingdom, and slept at a different one each night because he was scared of being assassinated. He set harsh laws, and harsh punishments. From most accounts...nut case. But he also did some cool unite the empire, set up a common money and measurement system, build roads, and HAVE HIMSELF BURIED WITH THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF LIFE-SIZED WARRIORS! He wanted to be protected and pampered in the afterlife, so he had soldiers, and archers, and entertainers, and...a whole empire's worth of terra-cotta people buried in his underground tomb. 15 of these life-sized soldiers were on exhibit at the National Geographic Museum, and it was really mind-boggling to see. Archaeologists have been excavating the site since it was discovered in the 1970s, and the exhibit had some cool artifacts too.

They wouldn't let us take pictures in the exhibit, but here's one I googled (the ones at the beginning of the post are with a replicate soldier...but I still think he's kinda cute :)). Yay for getting to experience living in a place where we can get our occasional dose of culture-ization! :)

And for those of you who are in the mood to learn and see even more, click HERE.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Valentine

Good thing we found each other, cuz from where I'm sitting, our personal ads look a little...scary?!

M/28 yr/D.C

F/28 yr/D.C

Click here to view "funniest ad in quite some time"

Yep. There's someone perfect for everyone!

Hope your Valentine's was as fun, dorky and full of looooooooooooove (yep, dorky) as ours!

We love you!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sang "Let it Snow" one too many times this holiday season...

The weather expert people are now saying 10"-20" more for some areas tomorrow. WISH US LUCK!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hunkered Down

hun·ker (hngkr)
intr.v. hun·kered, hun·ker·ing, hun·kers
1. To squat close to the ground; crouch. Usually used with down: hunkered down to avoid the icy wind.
2. To take shelter, settle in, or hide out. Usually used with down: hunkered down in the cabin during the blizzard.
3. To hold stubbornly to a position. Usually used with down: "As the White House hunkered down, G.O.P. congressional unity started crumbling" (Time).

Yes, I would say this weekend we are hunkering down (see definition #1 and #2) and the big ole storm the newspapers around here have dubbed everything from "Snowtorious B.I.G" to "The Curse of Snowbama" is hunkering hunkering hunkering down (see definition #3). That pretty much sums up life here at the moment.

Phase 10, Monopoly, Sort it Out, Ticket to Ride, The Lost Symbol, digging out our cars (attempting at least--plenty more work ahead tomorrow) OH...and did I mention no electricity (i.e. heat, stove, shower, HEAT...) from 4am to 4pm today........ that's been our weekend.

It's been kinda incredible and fun to be here for the worst storm DC has seen since 1922. 28-30 inches. This storm started at noon on Friday and is just now letting up at 6pm Saturday. Stormageddon is not joking around...and this is coming from a Utah girl, so you KNOW it's gotta be serious! Here's some pictures of the craziness! Stay warm, and don't take your nice hot showers for granted! :)